Fantastic first anniversary celebration!

What an amazing day. Nine (!!) of us went in costume to the Roxy Cinema in Miramar to watch the extended ROTK, including a Nazgul and some hobbits which is appropriate on Hobbit Day. We found another fan costumed as a dwarf in full armour. Very impressive! We had a great time - the Roxy took our pic for their Insta site. And then of course the movie … It was so moving to see it again on the big screen. Heard a few stifled sobs all around. We didn’t cry ourselves, truly!?!

And then back to the Museum for a party. The highlight was when Liz arrived as a HUGE surprise over from Australia. So brilliant to celebrate together.

Today was much quieter - but managed to find a couple of cool new costumes for the Museum. Yay.

Kathy DrysdaleComment