Seeking ideas for backdrop for photos

Before the museum opened we had a pilot. We made changes based on most suggestions, but one that we couldn’t address then was to have a backdrop for people to pose against when in costume for photos. It’s only a single room, so it was a bit challenging to figure out how to do that.

During the year I was able to set up a really cool outdoor prop - a mirror of Galadriel, so there’s a few photos taken out there now too. That’s lots of fun.

But, now that it’s a year since opening and the museum has lots more costumes, it seems a bit more necessary to try to sort out a backdrop for people to pose against. So, I have a plan - I’ve bought a blackout roller blind 180 cm, with a 210 drop. The plan is to put this in front of the bay with the bay windows and window seat (see photos - it’s pretty hard to photograph this because of the light through the windows). This would mean it blocks the light from the windows yet is discreetly rolled when it’s not needed.

But, the roller blind is blank. I need ideas about how to create a suitable scene - maybe something foresty? Should I paint it? It’s plastic, so maybe it needs spray paint. Maybe it needs a collage? Any ideas of a method and a scene from the illustrated books or movie that would provide a backdrop for most costumes?

Let me know. I’m just going to think about it for a while before I actually try to put it up and then paint it. It may not work. But if it does work it should be pretty cool.

Cheers, Kathy

Kathy DrysdaleComment